Friday, August 18, 2023

Alabama more webcams

 With the new improvements to the webcam sections I am now adding new links to each state.  

Today I am in Alabama and first one I started and found a stunning view and an example of what this webcam project is all about. 


sunrise at the USS Alabama battleship  

Updated all the USA web cam pages.

 I think I have completed all the USA webcams page. This included taking all the single photos and making them into galleries in which I can add more than one photo. Then moving that gallery to the photo page which holds all photos kinda of an archive.  As seasons change a viewer can observe the changes from snow to spring etc. 

 It was a long and boring process now I am looking for errors... lol 

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Update on Yellowstone

Update on Yellowstone.... not the series, the webcams.

While at Citrus County Speedway I was talking to a lady from Wyoming and she corrected me telling me Yellowstone was in Wyoming and not California.  

So I have corrected that huge error and thank her for helping me out. 

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

United States webcams  

so after many hours and days I have completed The United States directory so check it out.  Got photos and video pages up and navigation links in place. 

This allows me to grow the webcams with ease.  Next is foreign countries which I have already begun on.  Just trying to make sure each page works the same and smoothly.  



May 2024

  Been busy updating and adding more webcams.... like in Utah and even now going over the Key West webcams.